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Review: Doommantia

Acanto "Ignis Profanus" is a self-released EP from a Death/Doom outfit from Colombia called Lost In Darkness, a fitting name for a very dark sounding band indeed. Their Myspace page list their influences as My Dying Bride, Novembers Doom, Saturnus, Inborn Suffering, Katatonia (old), Anathema (Old), Ningizzia, Solitude Aeturnus, Candlemass, Pentagram and Cathedral but this band is some aspects are darker than all of those put together. The band have also taken the usual step by listing influences in their writing such as Leon de Greiff, Porfirio Barba Jacob, Gonzalo Arango,Rafael Pombo, Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, Lovecraft and Friedrich Nietzsche. I often thought that some Doom Metal bands are the musical equivalent of these great people in history so its great that they acknowledge these great people from history especially the likes of Lovecraft and Nietzsche who have a big influence on me personally through their great works.

Lost In Darkness play blackened Death Doom that stays clear of the usual gothic overtones usually found in this genre. Usually with non-english speaking bands, the lyrical content can be a issue. Lost In Darkness are blessed with a vocal sound that doesn't require a translation in order to be effective, the growling and demented blackened vocals here are delivered with a musical force of a instrument in itself so therefore becomes a integral part of the overall sound. It enhances the songs rather than works against the listening pleasure of this recording. Musically they rather cleverly don't go overboard in any one direction, the Doom Metal riffing is used in such a way that its always effective and never falls into the trap of plodding repetition. The Black Metal elements that the band possesses are also used in a sparse but in a very effective manner. "Mis Últimas Palabras" and "Adagietto" are tracks that combine a deathly menacing vibe with some very tuneful, melodic lead guitar work.

The title track "Acanto "Ignis Profanus" maybe best represents the musical diversity this band has with symphonic keyboards floating over the top of blackened growls and tastefully played guitar work that range from crunching power-metal to the progressive to passages that provoke a very evil sounding atmosphere. The EP is available as a free download and also includes the "Ad Perpetuam - Rei Memoriam" demo recorded in 2008. The 3 tracks included are 3 of the strongest tracks on the download especially "Basium Mortis" which is a very dramatic slab of Death meets ambient Doom Metal. If you are looking for some death doom that goes beyond the plodding vibe of the generic and want something with a bit more class and finesse, Lost In Darkness is a band you must hear. Impressive. 8.5/10

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